An Honest Review of Madam Kratom

Madam Kratom is one of the well-known kratom vendors in Canada. What is Madam Kratom, and should they be your go-to place for kratom?

What is Madam Kratom?

Starting in 2011, Madam Kratom is one of the oldest long-running Kratom vendors in Canada. It wasn’t an instant hit at first. It took years for Madam Kratom to spread across Canada from Montreal, Quebec. Kratom is only available in Southeast Asia, and Madam Kratom has an independent supplier in Indonesia to import its kratom supply.

What types of Kratom are available?

Madam Kratom’s selection of Mitragyna speciosa is sufficient. It’s not limited, but it’s not extensive either as Canada Kratom Express. The company aims to deliver the best Kratom that is sourced sustainably. This is probably the reason why their selection is not that extensive. What you’ll see from their website are:

  • Hulu: Red, White, and Green
  • Maeng Da: Red White, and Green
  • Horn: Green and White (Madam Kratom exclusive)
  • Borneo: Red
  • Kapuas: Green

The most popular products in Madam Kratom (as of August 2019) are the Green Kapuas, custom kilogram deal, and the 300g custom variety pack. You get to choose a variety of kratom strains based on what you want to achieve. They also have 400g and 600g bundles for midsized needs.

What about product pricing?

Madam Kratom products are priced depending on the strain as well as weight or quantity.

The most affordable kratom is the Hulu (all strains) with is at $9.50 for 25g and $145 for 1kg. Maeng Da strains are next for $11.95 for 25g and $159.95 for 1kg. Horn strains start at $13.45 for 25g and $179.95 per kilo. The Kapuas is the most expensive at $13.95 for 25g and $216.95 for a kilo.

What you do need to watch out for is the price of custom variety packs. Instead of having fixed prices, each strain you add will increase the price of your order. Say for example the 400g custom variety pack. It says there that the starting price is $106.64. Depending on what you add, you’ll be toping that starting price with another cost. Keep a sharp eye on your selection and be sure that you’ve decided on your mix. Each addition can be pricy which may cost you more than what you expect.

What are the shipment and payment options?

Once you’ve collected all your products in the cart and you’re decided on your purchase, you’ll need to enter both billing and shipping information on checkout. Afterward, you can select your preferred shipping option which could be:

  • Letter mail: all Madam Kratom orders get free delivery, and purchases under $60.00 are delivered through Canada Post lettermail. There’s no tracking number included, and your order can take between 3-30 days to arrive.
  • XpressPost Upgrade – You can have faster delivery by paying $13 for the upgrade. Orders above $80 get a free upgrade to Xpress post. Depending on where you’re located, your order can take 1-4 days to arrive.
  • Priority Shipping (Purolator) – if you need your Kratom ASAP, you can pay $30 for Priority shipping. It does not mean that your order will arrive the next day, though. What it does is it makes the delivery 1 day faster compared to XpressPost. This option, however, is only available for Interac e-Transfer purchases. Delivery is also between Monday-Friday only.

You only have two options for paying for your order: Interact e-Transfer and Cash-On-Delivery. For COD option, you need to prepare an additional $5 on top of the total cost of your order.

Does Madam Kratom have coupon codes and discounts?

Discounts and deals can help you enjoy savings on your purchases and makes buying enjoyable. It’s shame that you don’t get to see Madam Kratom Coupons if there are any. Still, you can enjoy savings by earning store credits as MadamMoney. All you have to do is create an account and use it whenever you buy kratom in the website.

How does Madam Kratom compare to other vendors?

Unlike other vendors, you won’t see any sample packs in Madam Kratom. If you’re going to order small packages for each strain, you’ll eventually end up spending more. Other vendors have a fixed price on variety or sample packs, while Madam Kratom tops the price depending on the strain. Another vendor may be best if you prefer to have kratom samples for testing.


Madam Kratom has been around for years, and they know what they’re doing. Customers get to experience fast order processing as well as swift resolution on their order issue. Their website is easy to navigate, but you do need to keep a sharp eye on the final cost of the variety packs that you’re ordering. You’ll get a variety of strains to choose from, and they always keep the popular ones in stock.

The prices do costs more compared to other Canadian vendors, but they make it up with reasonable shipping rates. Unfortunately, Madam Kratom delivers to Canada only, so this company is a no-no for those who are in the US or overseas. Your payment options are also limited, but it’s just the same as other websites.

Although Madam Kratom is a good company to get your kratom, there’s still has room for improvement. You won’t be disappointed with their customer service as well as their products. Still, regardless of their years in the industry, they’re not yet on top of best places to get kratom powder in Canada.