Rewards Program

When it comes to Big Bear Kratom Canada, we are a quite proud of our business. We believe in going above and beyond our customers expectations; not just in terms of offering the best product available, but by offering a level of exceptional customer service to match. We love giving back to our customers, as a token of our appreciation! Each order, regardless of value, includes a free 25g sample! While other vendors may offer a sample or rewards points, we choose to do both! Each dollar spent earns your Big Bear Bucks! How much you redeem at once and how often you use them is completely up to you! You can use your Big Bear Bucks on subsequent orders or you can save them up and treat yourself to an order wholly paid with your newly earned credits!

How To Get Started

1. Create or Login to your BBK Account

2. Make sure you log into your account every time you order from us to allow for our system to track your orders & spending.

3. During checkout, you will see how many points are to be earned through your purchase.

4. The total sum of accrued and available Big Bear Bucks will be visible on your account page.


How To Earn Big Bear Bucks

There are more ways to earn Big Bear Bucks than just placing an order.

Write a review on one of our product pages – Earn 100 Big Bear Bucks*

Each of our product pages features a review section! Below the product information, you will find the “Reviews” tab. Share your honest feedback on a product you have purchased and you will automatically qualify for 100 Big Bear Bucks! All we ask is that you leave an honest review about the products**. There are no limits to how many reviews you can leave, so the more you reviews you leave, the more points you earn!

*: Your first product review will net you 100 points. Subsequent reviews are awarded 50 points.

**: Reviews only earn points when they are posted on our product pages. Reviews on third party sites do not qualify for points.

Refer a Friend – Earn 100 Big Bear Bucks

We appreciate you telling your friends and family members about our store and our products. When you refer someone to us and they sign up for an account, you will earn 100 Big Bear Bucks! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Your Account page and select the Account Details tab.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a referral box.
  3. Enter your referral’s email address and then hit submit.

They will be sent an email with a your unique referral code.. When your referral is completed and their account has been set up, they will be prompted to enter your Referral ID. Once this final step has been completed, your account will be credited.

Big Bear Bucks will not be retroactively applied — credits can only be earned going forward!