Canada Kratom Express Honest Review

**WARNING** DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS VENDOR! At this time, Canada Kratom Express is not answering emails or shipping out orders. Order from this vendor at your own risk. March 2022

Canada Kratom Express is based in Vancouver and is a great site to go to if you want to know more about Kratom. They have a blog that aims to educate people on the efficacy of Kratom as well as scientific research on its benefits. The company’s goal is to provide consumers with high-quality Kratom to improve quality of life and take user experience to the next level. Canada Kratom Express believes in transparency, and they have a page that briefly describes the nature of their products.

What strains does Canada Kratom Express have?

The strain offerings of Canada Kratom Express is extensive. They have the commonly known strains plus some other super strains in varying colors. They have:

  • Maeng Da: White, Green, Red, and Gold
  • Bali: Green, Red, Gold
  • Thai: Yellow
  • Borneo: Green, Red
  • Malay: Green
  • Kali: White, Green
  • Elephant: Green

You’ll see that they got some rare strains such as the Gold Bali. For those you want something stronger, they have Super Strains such as the Super Green Maeng Da, Super Red Borneo, and Super White Borneo. If this is your first time to buy Kratom, and have a specific purpose in mind, check their product guide. You will see what each strain will do for you in terms of energy, focus, relief, and relaxation.

They have individual as well as custom packs to help you choose different strains for bulk order. Their custom packs are available in 150g, 400g, and 1000g.

How about product Pricing?

CKE is one of the best Canadian Kratom vendors, especially for beginners, because of their pricing and product guide. You’ll see different kratom strains with different level of effects which you can match to your health goals. Their bestsellers include the White Maeng Da Powder (CAD$8.99), Super Green Maeng Da (CAD$9.99), Super Red Maeng Da (CAD$9.99), and Yellow Thai (CAD$8.99).

Compared to other vendors, Canada Kratom Express has a slightly higher price. However, there’s no question about the quality, and they have a great selection. Their Super strains are quality tested for potency, and users attest to their effects.

Any special discounts and coupon codes?

New customers instantly get 10% once they create an account. Canada Kratom Express also has a rewards program that gives you 1 point for every dollar you spend. They also have a referral program that earns you points that can give you exclusive perks such as a pack of Kratom or Free Custom KG.

How do they handle payment, shipping, and customers?

Payments are processed through Interact e-Transfer or COD (Collect-On-Delivery). You get same-day shipping for completed orders before 2pm PST. Your orders will come from Vancouver, BC, and packed in discreet, unmarked packages to protect your privacy.

All orders are shipped using Canada Post, with your orders delivered 1-7 business days. Other delivery options include:

  • Expedited – 2-5 business days with $4.99 delivery fee for B.C; 3-7 Business days with $9.99 delivery fee for other provinces.
  • Xpress Post – 1-3 business days with $9.99 delivery fee for B.C; 2-4 Business days with $19.99 delivery fee for other provinces.
  • Priority – 1-2 business days with $19.99 delivery fee for B.C; 3-7 Business days with $39.99 delivery fee for other provinces

These delivery days and fees are for shipping within BC only. An additional fee of $9.00 will be added for COD service.

You can reach them through phone, e-mail, or through the contact form on the website. Customer service is available Mon-Fri 10m-6pm PST and closed during weekends as well as statutory holidays. If ever you want to return an order, Canada Kratom Express has a 30-day return policy starting from the ship date. Items should be undamaged and untampered, and you will be responsible for return shipping as well as tracking.

Customers are pleased with their purchase and interaction with Canada Kratom Express. Service is prompt and professional, and loyal customers say orders always arrive on time. An expert team is quick to reply to any questions that you may have with your order.

How does Canada Kratom Express compare to other vendors?

Just like other vendors, Canada Kratom Express has limited payment options, but the processing does not take that long. Their strains are always updated, and they offer discounts from time to time.

The custom kilogram pack is priced as is. If you compare its cost to a kilogram of a strain, you’ll see that no extra charge is tacked per strain of your choice. However, the cost of their strains is a bit higher compared to other companies. If you’re on a budget, you might want to check out other companies for your Kratom needs.