Mayan Kratom: Is it Safe to Order Here?


Safety should always be your number one priority when you want to buy Kratom online. The product’s popularity and efficacy have made it a target of unscrupulous individuals who want to cash in along with the bandwagon.

Mayan Kratom is a vendor that’s shrouded with mystery and controversy. Let’s talk more about this kratom vendor to help you establish an informed decision.

What is Mayan Kratom?

Mayan Kratom is an online Kratom vendor based in the USA. The company claims that they are among the top largest vendors of Mitragyna speciosa, with their supply coming from well-known retailers. Along with their grand claims is that their products are FDA-compliant, and are 100% organic.

What strains should I expect in Mayan Kratom?

Mayan Kratom selection is severely limited even compared to Earth Kratom, Madam Kratom, and Canada Kratom Express. According to their website, you can get:

  • Maeng Da
  • Premium Bali
  • Maeng Da Supreme
  • Red Vein
  • Green Malay

That’s all the information that you can get about their Kratom products. Some are in capsules, while others are in powdered form.

The sketchy history of Mayan Kratom

The site is so bare that you’ll be scratching your head, thinking what’s the mystery is all about. Mayan Kratom’s CEO Wesley Todd passionately claimed that Kratom helped him manage intense pain that he’d suffered after a motorcycle accident. By using Kratom, Todd gradually weaned himself off of pain killers and took control of his life.
mayan kratom products
His success story garnered a good enough publicity and sales for Mayan Kratom. Unfortunately, upon further investigation, it was revealed that Wesley Todd was a convicted felon. He was charged and found guilty for grand theft, witness intimidation to burglary, and illegal possession of a concealed weapon.

Even though their CEO may have had a troubled past, it is important to know that he is in fact in this industry trying to help people. Todd from what it seems, has changed his life around and is working on building a better future for himself.

How much is their Kratom?

You’ll see some reviews saying that they offer their Kratom for $25 per ounce. Premium Indo goes for $11-$12 per ounce, while concentrated strains go for $20 per ounce. This is way more expensive in comparison to Golden Monk’s $8.99 for a 25-g pack of Green Borneo.

How does Mayan Kratom compare with other vendors?

This is by far, the online store that will raise a lot of red flags. So let’s say Todd’s history is history. However, this is the only site so far that you’ll see that does not have any information whatsoever regarding their Kratom. Where did they get their Kratom from? What are the veins available? Did they test their Kratom thoroughly for efficacy and safety?

The only way for you to order Kratom is through a phone number, which is highly unusual for an online vendor. There is also no information on price, shipping, and return policy. If you’re going to order from a vendor, you should have details regarding store policies, especially since ordering from Canada warrants international shipping fees.

Is it safe to order in Mayan Kratom?

Mayan Kratom doesn’t fair good in the Kratom community. The company’s blacklisted by the Kratom Association forum. The American Kratom Association or Botanical Alliance has a negative view of the company as well.

Granting the history and current standing of Mayan Kratom, as well as the vague details on the website, it’s better to pay attention to the red flags. Customer reviews are almost non-existent save to a couple of questions raised in Reddit a few years ago.

For an online vendor, it’s inconceivable and even strange to accept orders via phone calls only. No doubt you’ll be spending unnecessary phone minutes asking for details about their Kratom. If you plan on pursuing this, you should keep your wits with you and ask all the details that you can about their product. Of course, this will take quite a chunk of your time, but it’s a must to protect yourself from buying something so delicate and potent.

If you prefer to order Kratom from a highly reliable vendor in the US, it’s better to go for The Golden Monk that has a 100% money-back guarantee. There are also other Canadian vendors that you can rely on without risking throwing your money down the drain. Be aware of what you’re going in to should you decide to pursue business with Mayan Kratom.