Kratom Active Review

Have you heard about Kratom Active? As much as we want to tell you more about the company, we don’t have much to say. The site is still under construction from the looks of it, and navigation is a pain. So, what else can we tell about our Kratom Active review? Let’s continue on and discuss this vendor.

Kratom Active Review: What is It?

Kratom Active specializes in selling premium kratom powder. They serve the entire Canada but seem to be focusing on Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottowa, and Halifax. When you search for them in Google, they won’t show up immediately. Probably because the website is still new and still gaining some traction. With such a generic mix of words, any kratom search result would appear except them.

The company claims that they only sell organic kratom that’s ethically farmed. The botanicals undergo strict lab testing to ensure potency and purity.

What intrigues us is that this site seems to be having some issues. We visited their website several weeks back, and it was having problems. Right now, it’s still not fixed, particularly the product listing.

image of what can I get from kratom active

What Can I Get from Kratom Active?

We’ll be honest and say we got this from blindly (as in literally) clicking through their product page. You won’t see immediately what the products are. Even when you click the link, you’ll get nothing. We based the products on the titles the tabs showed when we opened the links in a new tab. So far, what we got were:

  • Super Green Horn
  • Super Green Maeng Da
  • Super Green Malay
  • Super Red Bali
  • Super Red Maeng Da
  • Super White Thai
  • Super White Maeng Da

Just like with Kratom Earth Canada, Kratom Active has kratom blends. The one thing we saw was the Active Reserve Blend. We’re curious about this, but unfortunately, our curiosity’s not satisfied. The page is still blank, and that loading wheel is still whirling endlessly.

What we find strange is they’re focusing on super varieties. We’d like to know more about why they call them super, especially in terms of alkaloid profile.

We got lucky with the Super White Maeng Da, though. You can get 25g-1kg packages, which will cost you $11.00-$189.00. We’re not sure if the other products are the same, though. This Kratom Active review is one of our barest reviews so far. As much as we would love to give you more information, we’re coming out with none. If, after some time, you visit their site and see something, let us know, and we’ll check them out.

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How Does Kratom Active Accept Payments?

There’s only one option for paying for your order – if you successfully add a product to your cart and check it out. You can pay through Interact e-Transfer, which is the standard for many Canadian kratom vendors.

Maybe they accept phone orders; who knows. There aren’t any social media accounts linked to them as well. Some vendors get their orders through their Instagram accounts, some through Reddit. But for this one, other than the website, there’s no telling how they can get orders.

Does Kratom Active Offer Discount Coupons?

Right now, from what we can see, new subscribers get 15% off. After subscribing to their newsletter, you’ll receive the discount code in your inbox.

How Do They Ship Orders?

You get same-day shipping when you complete your order before 12pm PST. If you want your order to come immediately, you can choose next-day delivery through Purolator Express.

On average, shipping fees will cost you:

  • Canada Post (Expedited): $15.00
  • Canada Post (Express): $20.00
  • Purolator Next Day Delivery: $29.00

Of course, these will change depending on how far you are from their dispatching office.

Kratom Active Review: Pros and Cons

Try as we might, we can’t find any redeeming qualities from to showcase in our Kratom Active review. We can’t recommend their strains because you can’t see them. We can only say that they lab test their products according to their statement. However, this needs verifying. When the site accepts orders, make sure to ask for lab test results. The tests should match your order’s batch number and should not be more than 2 years.

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Kratom Active Review From Customers

We’re coming out with zero about Kratom Active. It’s sad because this store must have gained some sort of popularity at some point. But for now, they seem to be hibernating. Let’s see if they can come back up after a few months or so.


Every responsible researcher knows that you need a reliable vendor for kratom. Is Kratom Active one of them? On that regard, we reserve judgment. We can’t say they’re good because we have very little to go on with their website. Can’t say they’re bad either because who knows? Maybe before, they were doing okay but got into some problems. Every business runs into issues every now and then. What matters is how they get back up after a setback.

If you’re looking for quality kratom for your research, then know that we’re here for you. We may be young, but that’s what fuels us. We have a lot to show up for against all the legends in the industry. As a small business, our focus is on your experience. Whether it’s getting quality products or customer care, we got you.

Whether you’re looking for powdered kratom or kratom capsules, you’ll get 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When you’re in a pinch, trust that you’ll get one of our teams to help you sort that out. What’s more, all kratom products are lab-tested. You’ll also get free samples in your order. Click here and see what kratom products we got for you.

What’s your Kratom Active review? Let us know in the comments.

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