Earth Kratom: A New Vendor to Think About

Earth Kratom is a new vendor, yet has made quite an impression on the buying public. With a new website, there’s not much info on how their products serve. Still, it has something to offer, especially with the different varieties and forms of Kratom available.

Earth Kratom Organic Kratom strains

This store offers variety in more ways than one. First, let’s talk about the strains. Earth Kratom has the following Kratom kinds for sale:

  • Maeng Da: Green, Red, White
  • Bali: Red
  • Borneo: Green, White
  • Hulu: Green, Red
  • Malay: Green
  • Vietnam: Kratom

Compared to other Kratom vendors like Galactic Kratom, and Canada Kratom Express, the Kratom varieties of Earth Kratom are seriously lacking. Thai and Kali varieties are missing, and the Malay, as well as Bali, only has one vein color.

However, what they lack in veins, they make up for Kratom forms. You can choose from:

  • Powder – the traditional way most Kratom vendors offer, which is the pulverized form of Kratom leaves. You can choose all the available strains in the store with this form. You can choose from 30g, 100g, 250g, and 1kg packages
  • Tablet – powdered Kratom premeasured in 0.65g capsules. Ideal if you want controlled doses, and if you don’t like the taste of Kratom tea. All of the Kratom strains in the store as well as the Trainwreck Kratom Blend are available. Comes in 1k, 65ct, 150ct, and 300ct packages.
  • Extract – concentrated Kratom Essence, but the site offers no description of what kind of strain was used to create the extract. What’s known is that it’s a secret blend of 4 different kinds of Kratom strains to create a striking effect.

The extract is packaged in a 12ml bottle for convenient storage and dispensing.

There are no custom variety packs like other vendors. You won’t be able to sample or have a custom package mix for your order.

Product pricing

For a new store, the prices are surprisingly uncompetitive. They Kratom packages are even more expensive compared to other stores like Madam Kratom and Canada Kratom Express. 30g of Kratom powder costs $12.99, and a 65ct Kratom capsule package costs $19.99. You could say that the price is on the midline high as there are other Kratom vendors who sell for more.

Special discounts and coupon codes

Earth Kratom appreciates customers who leave reviews about their products. You’ll get a 25% discount coupon when you leave a review.

How do they handle payment, shipping, and customers?

Payments can be made through eCheck, Amazon Gift Card, as well as money order. eCheck and money order payments get extra Kratom or a free gift for orders above $40. As with other Kratom vendors in Canada, there’s no option to pay using credit cards because of the nature of the product.

Shipping is free via UPS. Orders are expedited, and they do same-day shipping within a specific cut off. If you wish to return your order, you have 30 days to ask for a refund or exchange.

Earth Kratom makes it easy for you to get in touch with them through email. You’ll get prompt responses by courteous and friendly customer service staffs that are on standby to answer your questions.

How does Earth Kratom compare to other vendors?

Reddit reviews vary and have mixed feedback on their orders. Several feedbacks include:

“I bought a kilo of red maeng ma of this earth kratom and I cannot feel even a slight tingle or anything. Crazy!”
Under the same thread, a user replied: “Sometimes very potent, other times absolutely nothing. Overpriced, but convenience factor is cool.”

One user left this comment for the Trainwreck blend “Tried it, about 5 grams and it actually did hit harder than the same dose of what I normally take.”

The general ruling is that the products are okay and has great effects. However, they are a bit steeper in price which is a disadvantage if you’re on a budget.


Earth Kratom is a reliable Kratom vendor that will give you several choices on different types of forms of Kratom. There’s no doubt that this company offers authentic Kratom based on user reviews. Orders are packed safely, and you get your packages in a swift and secure delivery. If you want convenience and can ignore the price, give Earth Kratom a shot.