Kratom Source: Can You Buy Kratom Here?

Kratom Source was one of the well-known Kratom vendors in Canada. Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom is a highly potent substance that can give amazing benefits if you got them from the right source. This online vendor took this at heart and made sure that they only source it from reputable Asian suppliers. However, the site’s been “under maintenance” far too long. What happened to them?

What is Kratom Source?

Kratom Source is a vendor with the main office in Quebec, Canada. Based on some online reviews, their Kratom is one of the reliable ones that you can use. Ordering from them was a breeze. You get your orders soon, and any delays are met with a sweet compensation that will make it worth your wait.

However, one user reported difficulty in using Kratom Source products. The buyer used Maeng Da (white, red, and green), as well as Red Raiu and documented the different methods of how he used it. He experienced negative side effects on all strains, which some said was not what they experienced with their purchase with the Kratom company.

What Happened to such a reliable online vendor?

On August 9, 2019, Health Canada issued a Product Recall on Kratom Source products due to selling without market authorization. Word on the street has it that they were shut down, but are probably finding ways to solve this problem. The site did not say anything about closing, but it’s not telling also whether or not they will continue operating.

For those who want to order Kratom, there are other Kratom vendors in Canada that are highly reliable. Some stores you can choose from to get Kratom include Golden Monk Kratom, Earth Kratom, and Kratom Crazy. Please click here for a complete list and our review of Kratom vendors in Canada.