KratomCapsulesCanada.Com Review: A Deep Dive Into A Kratom Company

Working with kratom powder gives you flexibility on how you want to move your research. However, you can’t deny how messy it can be to prepare, and it can be difficult to travel with. Measuring also requires a bit of patience and creativity, especially when there’s no measuring tool around. These challenges are the last thing in your mind when you are working with capsules. If we get your interest, there’s a company specializing in this form of kratom. Read our KratomCapsulesCanada.Com review to see if their products can give you the convenience you need.

What is KratomCapsulesCanada.Com?

It’s easy to see from the name itself what Kratom Capsules Canada provides for kratomites like you. But what’s their purpose? According to their website, they aim to create a positive impact on the world by harnessing a caring culture. The company believes that when people help each other, everyone gets supported. They believe that kratom can help improve the quality of life, and they want to spread it to the world.

This is why KratomCapsulesCanada.Com partnered with a family-operated kratom farm in Indonesia. The farm is in the loving care of the family for a century, which helps maintain the practice of sustainability and stability.

When we looked at the website, it said that it was copyrighted in 2021. We can’t conclude if this is when the company started. Some vendors were already in operation before their website launched. Copyright also renews every year; this is not a solid representation of how long they have been in the industry.

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What Can I Get?

This is, of course, the main reason why you’re reading our review. What to expect from the capsules. Just like most kratom capsules, their products are 00 in size and filled with 0.4g-0.6g of kratom powder. The shell is made of gelatin, though. As of now, they don’t have vegan capsules available.

All of their products are 100% lab tested for biological contaminants, alkaloid levels, and heavy metals. The strains, however, are limited. You can only have:

  • Green Maeng Da
  • Gold Bali
  • Super Green Malay
  • Red Sumatra
  • White Thai

There are also blends to choose from.

  • Bliss
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Relax
  • Relief

The capsules will cost you $25.00-$250.00 and are available in 50ct, 500ct, and 2000ct bottles.

KraotmCapsulesCanada.Com also offers a variety of packs. One goes for $80.00 and will give you 5 x 50ct bottles, which is 250 capsules. Want a bigger option? You can get the 2000ct variety pack which has 4 x 500ct, which can cost you $220.00.

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KratomCapsulesCanada.Com Review: What Else Can I Get?

Of course, our review isn’t complete without mentioning other notable products. True that the company specializes in capsules, but they also have powders and blends. Especially useful when you’re more into creating your own mix or in a mood to take kratom in a creative way.

The powders and blend are in 25g, 250g, and 1000g in resealable bags or plastic tubs. These can cost you $12.00-180.00. Your choices will be:

  • Super Green Malay
  • White Thai
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Gold Bali
  • Red Sumatra

For the advanced researchers, they have 5:1 extracts which will cost you $69.99 for 25g. No details about this, and the only thing that we can say is that the concentration is 5-to-1 mitragynine ratio.

If you want to test the waters first, you can get the kratom sampler pack which costs $50.00. For this, you can choose 5 products, each packed in 125g bags. The good thing about working with powders and blends is you can mix and match to get the results you need.

The thing you’d appreciate with Kratom Capsules Canada is you’ll only see kratom. It’s not like Kratom Genie and Kratom Leaf Canada which offers different botanicals.

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What’s the Shipping Process?

KratomCapsulesCanada.Com offers same-day shipping for orders completed 2pm EST and 2pm PST Monday-Friday. If you fulfill the order after that, then they will handle your order the following business day.

What’s with the two cut-off times? That’s because they have two offices. One is on the East Coast, the other on the West Coast. The dispatching location will depend on where you want your order shipped.

For your shipping options, you have Canada Post for standard delivery. For faster delivery options, you can go for Expedited Parce, ExpressPost, and Priority. You get tracking numbers, which will take 12-24 hours to register on the courier’s registry.

Depending on your location and delivery option, it takes 1-5 days for your order to arrive.

What’s Their Return Policy?

Another thing we’re happy to share with our review is their returns and refunds policy. You have 21 days from the delivery date to return unopened products. For opened products, they should have no less than 80% of the product remaining, and you have 21 days from the delivery date for return.

You have to let them know, first, of your intention for a return. Once they give you the go signal, they’ll give you a free return shipping label. Unfortunately, though, you can only get store credit. So choose wisely because once you buy, your money will stay in the store until you get a product.

KratomCapsulesCanada.Com Review: The Good and the Bad

To make things simple with our review, we’ll look into their pros and cons.

Nothing speaks about a company’s confidence in their product other than accepting returns. Sealed or with no less than 80% remaining, they will accept a return for your order. No one is that confident enough to risk losing money. The only catch is you only get a store credit.

Aside from 100% organic, lab-tested products. A simple scan of the QR code on the bottles will show you the lab test results for that batch. You also get same-day shipping. There are no worries about unnecessary delays because they have East and West Coast offices.

As of now, there are no options for vegan-friendly capsules. There’s also no indication on when they will have the vegan options available.

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KratomCapsulesCanada.Com Review Conclusion

As much as we want to share what customers think and experience with Kratom Capsules Canada, we can’t. You can’t see any reviews about them anywhere. No one is even talking about them on Reddit. There’s no telling when they started and what they are about.

So, what you can do is advocate for your research. Practice your due diligence and see what else you can learn from them. Be as thorough as you can because your choices can affect the outcome of your research.

We’re here to help improve the kratom industry and help you make the most out of your research. Use the information you have now with intention, and you’ll also be part of the movement to elevate the kratom industry in Canada.

Do you have a review you wish to share? Let us know in the comment section, please. Thank you!

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