Northern Organix Review

Many kratom vendors in Canada are very careful about how they market their products. Due to Health Canada’s restrictions, it’s common to see how innovative vendors can be with kratom. This Northern Organix review will let you in on their kratom products, price, and a unique twist on how to get kratom out to customers.

Northern Organix Review: What is It?

Northern Organix proudly calls itself your “#1 source of bulk herbs, soaps, and premium quality kratom.” The company is based in Ontario, Canada. What they’re after is for you to get authentic, top-quality products and excellent service. They also aim to keep their prices affordable and pay attention to details.

What Kratom Products Do They Offer?

Northern Organix seems to have a pretty decent lineup

  • Bali Gold ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Green Horn ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Green Maeng Da ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Green Malay ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Green Northern ($27.50-$172.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Red Bali ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Red Horn ($36.50-$155.02 / 100g-1kg)
  • Red Maeng Da ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • White Elephant ($21.62-$155.02 / 50g-1kg)
  • White Horn ($16.50-$160.00 / 50g-1kg)
  • White Maeng Da ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Yellow Kasognan ($23.50-$155.02 / 50g-1kg)
  • Yellow Maeng Da ($36.50-$155.02 / 100g-1kg)

image of what kratom products do they offer

All Northern Organix products are 100% organic, wild-grown, and lab-tested. Everything comes directly from their experienced and reputable farmers in Southeast Asia. Although they said the botanicals are tested, no sample lab report is shown on the website.

But what if you want to order different strains but are hesitating because of the prices? You can go for their variety packs to give you more flexibility in your research.

  • 100g Sampler Pack ($39.50) – 4 strains at 25g each.
  • 300g medium sampler pack ($74.50) – 3 strains at 100g each.
  • 500g split ($104.50) – 2 strains 250g each
  • 1kg Vaccum sealed pack ($165.00) – 1 strain of your choice.
  • 1kg variety pack ($168.50) – 4 strains at 250g each.
  • 2kg Variety Pack ($308.50) – 4 strains 500g each.
  • 3kg Variety Pack ($440.00) – 6 strains at 500g each.

You have full control over what strains you want to add to the variety packs. For example, you want the 100g Sampler Pack to see if Northern Organix is good for you. You can get 1 Green Malay, 1 Red Horn, 1 Yellow Maeng Da, and 1 Green Northern. You can even go for a 3-1 or 2-1-1 mix, depending on your preference.

If you want a big pack for your research, you can go for the 1kg vacuum seal pack for $165.00. Unlike the variety packs, you only get 1 strain of your choice for this.

Do They Have Other Products?

Northern Organix also offer kratom soaps. They have Kratom Citrus Soap and Kratom  Lavander Soap. They’re sold for $7.75, but at the time this blog was published, it was going for $3.75.

Unfortunately, the soaps are out of stock right now. You can get back to the website from time to time to check if they’re available soon.

image of can I go to a local shop to pickup my order

Can I go to A Local Shop to Pick up my Order?

Northern Organix strictly sells kratom online. With kratom still in the gray area with Health Canada, there are so many things to consider for a physical store. As of now, it’s best that you sit back and order in the comforts of your home.

How Can I Pay?

There are two ways for you to pay for your order:

  • Interac e-Transfer
  • Bitcoin

Yes, no credit card option as of now. As for the bitcoin, you have to look closely at your coin’s address. Different coins have different addresses for payments. If you didn’t match the two, the payment’s all gone.

What is their Shipping and Returns Policy?

You get your order shipped from Ontario. The company uses Canada Post and Purolator to deliver your orders. If you’re a private person, don’t worry. Your order comes in plain, discreet packaging with no company name or product details.

To take advantage of same-day shipping, you have to pay before 2:00pm PST, Monday-Friday. If you pay beyond the time limit, they’ll ship the order the next business day. In general, here’s the average time frame for your orders:

  • Ontario – 1-4 business days (Expedited) / 1-2 days (Xpress Post)
  • Outside Ontario – 2-6 business days (Expedited) / 2-5 days (Xpress Post)

Note that the delivery times can depend on where you’re located. Also, these shipping times can vary depending on the load of delivery.

Northern Organix Review: The Good and the Bad

Our Northern Organix review won’t be complete without diving into the good and bad side of things. The more aware you are of what you’re going into, the better informed decision you’ll arrive at for our research.

If you’re watching your budget closely, having the tax included in the prices is a relief. You don’t have to stare in shock at the amount when it’s time to pay. Getting free shipping for high orders is also a godsend if you’re a heavy researcher. Most importantly, the products are lab-tested. There’s nothing more important than having a safe, consistent, and potent product for your research.

Unfortunately, there’s no sample of lab reports. This will give you an idea of what Northern Organix is testing their products for. When you decide to order, ask for the lab test results. The testing should be done in less than 2 years and match the label’s batch number. If the lab test results are older than 2 years, send the products back and ask for a new one.

Some are also saying that the prices are high compared to others. This may be because the taxes are already included in the products. Still, it is a bit more expensive than some vendors. If they can back it up with a great product quality, then that would be awesome.

image of pros and cons

What are People Saying About Northern Organix?

Not many people were willing to give their feedback about Northern Organix. Their Google business site is bare and lonely, with only 3 reviews. Unfortunately, the reviews are 3 years old. Many things can happen within 3 years, and who knows if these reviews still hold true to this day.

Like for example, there’s a review there that said Northern Organix reached out to them with his issue. Instead of days, the response he got was within hours after sending the complaint. Maybe back then, the company was gearing up and not that busy. If they have a dedicated customer service team that is still as proactive now as they are then that’s awesome.

Is it Safe to Buy from Northern Organix?

We don’t have that much solid information to fully recommend Northern Organix. What’s holding us back? Limited choices, lack of customer feedback, and no sample lab tests.

What you need for your research is a company that’s willing to be transparent. Your research is unique to you, and you need a company that matches your needs.


Northern Organix may be a reliable vendor, but maybe not. What we recommend is you take the time to sit down and learn more about them. A kratom vendor should be ready to understand your needs. If you find that a vendor is falling short, don’t hesitate to go for the next one.

What’s your experience with Northern Organix? Let us know in the comment section.

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