The Best Places to Buy Kratom Extract in Canada

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For some people, good old kratom powder just doesn’t cut it. These are cases when an individual might be dealing with pronounced discomfort, stress, and aches that require something a little stronger to address. And that’s where kratom extracts come in. With concentrated kratom chemistry, extracts can provide up to 50 times the effects of kratom powders.

While the kratom market in Canada might be mainly made up of kratom powders, there are a few vendors out there who go the extra mile to provide buyers with extracts. So if you’re in search of something with a little more oomph, these brands and vendors should help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Kratom Canada Now

Kratom Canada Now is one of the most popular vendors for buyers in search of bulk kratom products. As the only online vendor on the Canadian market that sells up to 5kg of kratom powder at a time, they’ve also become a suitable supplier for small kratom start-up businesses that want affordable products.

While their kratom selection might be pretty modest, they also offer Gold Kratom Extract that touts 25 times the potency of kratom powder. They sell it in 5g, 10g, 50g, 100g, 200g, and 500g packs, with prices starting at $17. Their 500g pack goes for $800 each, placing each gram at $1.6 which is relatively affordable for a 25x kratom extract.

Kratom Temple

Another well-known kratom source is Kratom Temple. The brand specializes in kratom powders, but they also have an interesting selection of other products that might draw in some more experimentative buyers. As one of the first vendors to offer kratom-infused chocolates and gummy candies, they’re definitely taking a risk considering the fact that Health Canada has yet to approve kratom for human consumption.

Other than their powders and edibles, Kratom Temple also sells a Full Spectrum Pure Kratom Tincture that contains 10mL for $33.99 or 50mL for $119.99. The product allegedly contains up to 20mg of kratom alkaloids in every mL. They also carry a Kratom Liquid Gold Maeng Da Extract that goes for $30.99 for 10mL or $84.99 for 50mL. Every mL contains 13mg of alkaloids for more pronounced effects with each use.

Etha Natural Botanicals

While they’re not specifically located in Canada, Etha Natural Botanicals does service Canadian consumers. Their range of products takes the ‘kratom extract’ concept a step further by introducing some of the first-ever kratom tablets into the market. Their compressed kratom tablets use 100% pure kratom and are said to be much stronger than your average kratom powders or capsules.

They carry concentrated kratom tablets in a variety of blends that are intended for different times of the day. They also have liquid kratom concentrates that provide a strong kick but are much easier to mix into food and drink for effortless intake. Do keep in mind though that Etha kratom products tend to be slightly more expensive than average, making them a bit of a luxury if you’re looking to use kratom for the long haul.

Kratom Earth

As one of the most well-known kratom brands on the Canadian market, Kratom Earth is a progressive kratom vendor that uses sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes to add an edge to its final product. All of their products are also lab tested which isn’t something you’ll commonly see throughout the many vendors that service Canada.

Kratom Earth sells two different kratom extracts — the 30:1 extract and 50:1 extract. Each option is available in 10g packets which retail for $20 and $24.99 respectively. At double the price of typical kratom powder, it’s safe to say that their kratom extracts are slightly more affordable than other choices you’ll find. But even then, they double up on quality which definitely adds to their overall appeal.

How to Choose Good Kratom Extract

There are a lot of unscrupulous sellers out there hoping to make a quick buck off of buyers who don’t know how to choose a quality product. So before you buy that kratom extract, make sure you consider these factors to ensure you’re getting quality stuff.

  • Prices – As with any other product, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Kratom extracts are often more expensive than any other kratom product, so you should expect to pay more than double than you would for powders or capsules.
  • Lab reports – A reputable source will always be confident enough to show lab reports for their products, especially since lab reports aren’t too common for kratom products in Canada. This should show you the purity of your product as well as whether or not it contains any harmful substances.
  • Moneyback guarantee – If a brand is willing to refund you after you’ve tried their product, then that just goes to show how confident they are in what they sell. A company that’s invested in satisfying buyers and maintaining a positive reputation is most likely to provide quality kratom products.

Finding the Best Kratom Extract in Canada

No doubt, there aren’t a lot of vendors in Canada that sell kratom extract. But even then, there are a few that might be able to meet your standards. Make sure you check out our vetted choices for the best places to buy kratom extract in Canada, and you can be sure to find a vendor that’s poised to exceed your expectations.

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