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Our HMG Kratom review is not as extensive as we wish it should be for several reasons. The site is so straightforward it will only give you the kratom strains they have available. If you’re a beginner in kratom research and development, this is not a site to go to. However, if you know what you’re looking for and are comfortable talking about what your goals are, then this may be the site for you.

What is HMG Kratom?

HMG Kratom is another Canadian vendor of kratom products. Located in Ontario, it does most of its business through phone calls. Yes, you read that right. The website does nothing other than let you know what products they have in store.

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What Does HMG Kratom Offer?

So far the only products that we saw on their page were:

  • Green Kapuas Hulu
  • Red Borneo
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • White Kapuas Hulu

Another website who made an HMG Kratom Review said the site offered more than those. However, the review was written in 2019, and hasn’t been updated since 2020. Comparing their list to the one that HMG Kratom has on the website, your guess is what other strains the company offers is as good as ours.

How Can One Order From Them?

Basing on what you can get from the website, ordering is done through phone call. Yes, there’s no checkout or online order form to complete your transaction. It’s pretty much a primitive way of ordering and can be a hassle.

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How do I pay, Then?

Some HMG Kratom reviews said you can pay through Interac e-Transfer. A normal thing to expect when you’re dealing with Canadian kratom vendors. What they would probably do is give you an email address when you process your order.

That’s secure on your part in a way because you don’t have to give your credit card information to a person. However, if you prefer to pay via credit card, that will be a challenge. There’s no indication that you can pay through this method either. But based on how many Canadian kratom store operates, you’ll find it hard to find a vendor that offers payment through a credit card.

Does HMG Kratom accept Bitcoin? In 2019, yes. It’s unclear if they still accept this mode of payment.

What is the Shipping Policy?

As much as we want to tell you exactly how they will ship your order, we can’t. There’s no information on the website to tell you how they ship. 3-4 years ago, they seemed to provide fast shipping. But the customers didn’t say what courier HMG Kratom used.

A review said HMG Kratom used Canada Post Expedited, with free shipping for orders above $100 (before taxes).  There was also an option of Express Shipping for an additional fee. Mind you, the article said “at checkout” so this was probably when the shop accepted online orders. You might want to ask the agent you’ll talk with about this if you want your botanicals delivered ASAP.

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What do People say About HMG Kratom?

This is the frustrating part of our HMG Kratom Review. The reviews date back 3 years ago as the latest. They have about 16 customer feedbacks on Google reviews.

One customer said that he always gets good products, and orders are always within a couple of days. Another echoed his sentiment and said orders were superior to other sites.

There was also another review that said Darryl goes over and above for HMG Kratom customers. Basing on his review, you can tell that people can ask questions when ordering from HMG Kratom. Since there’s no contact form on the website, our guess is his inquiry was done through a phone call. This can be good in a way because you’ll be able to get your answers on the spot. Yes, it can be uncomfortable for some, but unfortunately, it is how they operate.

One thing we do notice is that some of the good reviews are a little too good. The precision of how the reviews were stated was so on-point that one can’t help but think: are these reviews even real? Plus, with the reviews not getting any updates for 3 years now, that can also pose a red flag.

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HMG Kratom Review: Should You Buy From Them?

If you want a straightforward interaction with a vendor with no frills and stuff, HMG Kratom is your place. But if you’re the type of person who wants details on how the chemical composition of kratom can affect your research? You’re either in for a long phone call or a disappointment.  That being said, you should check out other kratom vendors in Montreal for a better deal or experience.

It’s really unusual for this period in the Kratom industry to find a website stingy with information. Someone even asked if the site is still open considering the lack of details you need to make an order. However, when we looked at their Google Review site, we saw that the store is open 24/7. Do they have a physical store for you to go to? It’s not showing either on Google. So, if you plan to order, proceed with caution and know what you’re in for.

Have you tried HMG Kratom? Let us know about your experience in our comment section!

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