Kratom Earth Coupon Code: How To Save On Kratom

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Everything is pricey nowadays, and a smart researcher like you would certainly find ways to get kratom without breaking the bank. Here are ways to get a Kratom Earth Coupon Code discount to save on your purchase and enjoy your kratom.

What is Kratom Earth?

Kratom Earth offers 100% organically sourced kratom. Their products are free from additives and processed in a GMP facility. You only get premium quality, trusted kratom that’s lab-tested for impurities, contaminants, and potency. The test is done first in Indonesia, then again in a third-party Canadian lab.

They’ve been serving Canada for almost 10 years. Kratom Earth has been consistent in serving connoisseurs in the country, including Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Halifax.

Aside from kratom, they are also offering Canada’s top microdosing products. These are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free. Unlike kratom, these microdosing blends come in capsule forms for easier use and dosing.

How Much Will Buying From Them Cost Me?

Regular strains like the White Borneo, Green Hulu, and Red Horn will cost you $8.99-$154.99 for 25g-1000g packs. The super strains go for $9.99-167.99. If you want a pre-mixed blend, you’ll be spending $34.99-$154.99 for 100g-1000g packs.

These can all add up on your purchase as time goes. But there are ways to get Kratom Earth coupon code discounts for savings.

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Kratom Earth Coupon Code #1

The first way to get your coupon code is to sign up for their newsletter. Once you sign up, you get 15% off on your first purchase. Where’s the code? You’ll get it straight to your email, and you can apply it immediately when you check out.

Discount Coupon Code #2: Kratom Earth Rewards

Kratom Earth has a loyalty rewards program for frequent buyers. Each time you shop, you earn points to save up on your purchase. For every dollar you spend on the site, you get 2 points. Once you reach 500pts, you’re eligible to redeem $5.00.

Referring Friends

One of the fastest ways to earn these points is to refer your friends. You can get as much as $15 worth of points each time you successfully refer a friend. How many friends do you know need kratom in their research? The more you know, the more points you’ll get. Imagine if you got to refer 10 friends. You’ll be getting $150 worth of points.

Share on Social Media

You get up to 200 points by sharing a product or your purchase in Kratom Earth on your social media accounts.

There are some technicalities here that you need to be aware of. Reach out to them to make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to sharing.

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How About Kratom Earth Coupon Code from Third-Party Websites?

We’ve seen some Kratom Earth coupon code options from different websites. The codes show that they worked and several people used them. However, whether they did work or not remains a question.

There’s no proof that those coupons work. Also, you must sign up to the website to get the coupons. With so many phishing sites available, it’s hard to know if a website is legit or not.

The coupon codes are tempting. You can get 15% and even 30% discount on Kratom Earth. However, with no feedback on whether the coupon codes work or not? We highly recommend you register for Kratom Earth’s newsletter. This way, you’ll get a Kratom Earth coupon code directly in your mailbox. You know it will work, and it’s 100% legit because, hey. The code came from them!

If it doesn’t work? Check the time sensitivity of the coupon code. Mostly, the codes work either for a couple of days or a few weeks. If the code is still active, you can easily reach out to Kratom Earth and ask them to correct the issue. That’s the beauty of working with a legit company. If you have any questions or concerns, they’re easily resolved and rectified.

Kratom Earth Coupon Code Conclusion

You’ll come across several sites when you’re looking for a Kratom Earth coupon code for discounts. They really look enticing because one website even offers stacking them to your order. However, for that to work, you’ll have to pay close to $100. So technically, you’re not really saving. You’re paying for a discount coupon. That money is better given to the kratom vendor directly. The more you support a local kratom vendor, the better the industry will be. Moreover, you ensure that your favourite vendor stays present and always serves you.

Just like with your kratom vendor research, do your due diligence when looking for coupon codes. Some sites will request your details and even entice you to a purchase. They will say you can save more than a $100, just pay a specific amount. That’s not really saving because you’ll have to pay.

When you get a coupon code in Kratom Earth, you’ll get it free in your inbox. A simple registration is enough to help you get more savings.

Have you tried one of the Kratom Earth coupon code they sent to your email? Let us know how the code goes in the comment section.

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