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This My Kratom Canada review takes a good look at the botanicals they offer, and if they are worth your business. There are so many Kratom vendors out there, and our goal here is to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. Are they as good as they claim to be? How can they support your research? Let’s find out, shall we?

What is My Kratom Canada?

My Kratom Canada offers Kratom botanicals. The varieties you’ll see are:

  • Green Veined
  • Red Veined
  • White Veined
  • Blended

Unfortunately, unlike Kratom Temple and Canada Kratom  Express, My Kratom Canada doesn’t share the origins of their botanicals. For first-time researchers, vendors classify their varieties according to their origin. For example, Red Malay is a red-veined Kratom variety gathered from the fertile lands of Malaysia. Green Bali is, of course, a Kratom leaf harvested from Bali.

The only indication of the origin is that these were sourced from mature trees related to the Kalimantan lineage. Kalimantan is an Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo. Does that mean what you’re getting is a Borneo variety? Maybe, maybe not, because they said the leaves are related to the lineage. That does not necessarily mean the leaves are gathered from that area. And lineages can be highly diversified depending on where you get your botanicals.

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How Much do the Botanicals cost?

My Kratom Canada offers Kratom in 250g and 1000g packages. The 250g packages are sold for $59.99, while the 1000g packages go for $149.99.

If you’re saying: “Oh, I want to test the botanicals before I commit to a higher price.” That’s smart thinking, and My Kratom Canada knows that. They offer a variety testing kit, which you can get for $5.00. You get 15g-packages each of the red, white, green, and blend varieties. The catch is (of course, there’s a catch!), you can only get 1 order. This means if you’re ordering again, they won’t process it. So, when you get it, use it wisely!

There’s also a 1kg variety pack, which lets you choose the vein of your choice for $149.99. You can get 250g of each vein, or get more of a single variety along with others. For example, you can get 2 green, 1 red, and 1 white. Or 3 red and 1 yellow.

If you want a bigger-sized variety pack, get the 4kg option for $569.99. You also get to pick the variety of your choice, and each pack is at 1kg.

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My Kratom Canada Review: Are the Botanicals tested?

What got our interest in My Kratom Canada is that they’re transparent in their process. You’ll see at the bottom of the first page how they do the extraction of their botanical products. As a researcher, you’ll appreciate the pains they took to describe how their process goes.

Do they test their products? According to them, their products are 100% lab-tested domestically in Canada. They conduct the test for each batch of processed botanicals. Will you have a copy? They didn’t say you’ll have a copy with your order. However, you can see some of the lab test results at the bottom of the product page.

How do They Ship Orders?

Orders are shipped from Quebec, Canada, via Canada Post. You can also choose Expedited, Xpress Post, as well as Priority if you want faster delivery.

You get same-day delivery if you fulfill your order before 2pm EST Mon-Fri. Orders done after that will be shipped the next business day.

Shipping fees will be calculated upon checkout and will depend on your location.

My Kratom Canada Review: Pros and Cons:

The great thing about My Kratom Canada is that they show their lab results and extraction process. They also offer same-day shipping, which is convenient if you need your research material ASAP.

Ordering is simple and can be done in minutes. No credit card payments are accepted, though. This is going to be an ongoing trend you’ll expect from Canadian vendors.

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What’s the My Kratom Canada Review from Customers?

Unfortunately, there is no user feedback from customers. It’s a shame because the company practices transparency in its products. It would have been great to know if other researchers could align their experience with others.

Verdict and Recommendation

Is My Kratom Canada a store you should be considering? In a way, it is. Not only do they show their process, but they test each batch and offer returns and exchanges. However, you only get store credit when you do, so you have to be absolutely sure that you’re willing to give your money to them.

We need more user feedback to recommend it 100%. True that they sound promising based on what they share on their website. However, the lack of variety and user feedback makes us hold back on our recommendation.


We conclude our My Kratom Canada Review with a few points:

  • Website navigation is simple
  • You only get a few varieties of Kratom
  • There’s only one payment option
  • You get same-day shipping
  • Only Interac e-Payments accepted
  • 30-day return and exchange for store credit only

If you have other points to share about My Kratom Canada, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

How was your experience with My Kratom Canada? Share it with us in the comment section!

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