A Review of Maple Leaf Kratom

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As we looked into Maple Leaf Kratom, we got pretty disappointed. Not only are the products all out of stock. There’s nothing that could tell us if doing business with them is a smart thing to do. With such a plain website, it looks more like a hobbyist’s website trying to monetize on a passion. Will you get the same vibe?

What is Maple Leaf Kratom?

Maple Leaf Kratom offers 100% pure organic Kratom. The company sources their botanicals directly from Indonesia, all of which have been lab-tested. The company claims that their products contain a minimum of 1.7% Mitragynine. But is the potency real? Let’s continue on and find out.


What can I get from Maple Leaf Kratom?

There’s not much to choose from at Maple Leaf Kratom. You’ll have more options in Kratom King Canada. The strains you can order are:

  • White Maeng Da
  • White Jong Kong
  • Super Green
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Bali
  • Gold Maeng Da
  • Yellow Maeng Da

You can also get a 4 x 250g variety pack. You can choose up to 4 different Kratom strains for the price of $114.99.

What’s disappointing is that all of the items in store are out of stock. Tried looking for any updates about the store, but there seems to be none. It’s strange for a store to have every item on zero inventory.

Also, aside from the description on the first page, there’s nothing about Maple Leaf Kratom. Well, there is one thing. If you’re an aspiring Kratom dealer, then they can set you up with wholesaler rates. However, we fail to see how they could do it with zero inventory.

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Payment Options

The definite thing about their payment option is the e-transfer. If you prefer to pay in other methods, you’ll have to reach out to them for confirmation. Is it possible that you could use your credit card? That’s hard to say because there’s no clause about anything regarding that kind of payment. You’re more in luck to set up e-Transfer as your payment of choice.

Shipping and Returns

Just this one little thing like the assurance of how you’ll get your products would have been a plus. Unfortunately, there’s no indication on how the company’s going to ship your order.

What do People say about Maple Leaf Kratom?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can tell us what consumers think about Maple Leaf Kratom. Did they get the potency they were after? Were their orders delivered on time? Was the company easy to deal with?

We’ll never know because no one left a review on any forum or platform possible. It’s such a disappointing fact because who knows? Maybe their products were on point. Maybe their botanicals were one of the most potent in the market. There are a lot of maybes that, unfortunately, we’ll never find out.

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Is it Okay to buy from Maple Leaf Kratom?

If you’re going to ask us if it’s okay for you to buy from Maple Leaf Kratom, here’s our answer: practice due diligence. There are so many details lacking that this is a hard no for us. The most important one is that the items are all out of stock. Was this just a recent occurrence, or were the items long gone before we got to them?

It’s normal to see an item or two on zero inventory in a company.  Sometimes, the demand for a variety can be too high to cope with. However, what’s not common is that all of your stuff is zero. Is there an inventory management issue? Or did they have an issue with their supplier and is currently negotiating with a new one? If they were a headshop like Green Coast, that would be understandable. But then again, they’re not.

A notice of some form would have been helpful. Something around the premise that they’re updating the website and will be back soon. Or they’re going on a break while they explore better options for helping researchers and developers. This feels like going to a friend’s house to ask for help only to find that person unavailable. And they didn’t even tell you for how long they’ll be out of touch.


Maple Leaf Kratom may probably be one of the promising kratom vendors. If a company took the time to test the alkaloid levels of their products, there’s potential there. Only those who understand the value of alkaloids to researchers bother to have their products tested.

Unfortunately, the lack of inventory and feedback makes the company a hard no for us. Will they ever pull themselves together, have a breakthrough, and rise above? Who knows. It will be something to look forward to. But based on how the website’s handled, you’re better off shopping for other companies.

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Alternative to Maple Leaf Kratom

Consistency and reliability are the qualities you should look for in a company. Your research is a personal undertaking, and you’re out to create something for yourself. That’s why it’s important that you work with a Kratom vendor who’s been in the industry long enough to take commitment seriously.

That’s what Big Bear Kratom is here for. Your well-being is paramount, so we deliver more than just Kratom. We provide efficiency and timeliness because you have needs to be met. You’ll see the dedication in us through the premium selection of kratom strains. Every batch is carefully lab tested, not only to ensure consistency and alkaloid potency. But also that they’re safe from contamination that can harm your research.

If you’re at a stage in your research that you need help with, let us know. Ask all your questions away, and our knowledgeable staff will be there to answer your questions.

Have you tried Maple Leaf Kratom? Let us know how it went in our comment section below!

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